Helen Flanagan Likes To Show Off Her Cleavage

It looks as if Helen Flanagan will carry on delighting male viewers as she recently said, "I think curvy is sexy."

She also revealed that she would prefer to show off her cleavage than her legs. Again more good news for Coronation Street fans.

She told New! magazine:
"I'm naturally slim and a size 10. If I've got a special occasion coming up, I'll cut down and eat healthily, but otherwise I'm happy the size I am. Last year I was a size 8, but I think it's so much sexier to be curvy.

Size 10 is my comfortable weight. I'm also aware that I have to be responsible. There are young girls watching me and I'd hate it for a girl to think I was skinny on TV and that she wanted to look the same. That's not healthy.

I like to dress sexily, but I prefer pencil skirts to short ones. And I think it's nice to
show off your cleavage. Women have boobs, and as long as it's done tastefully I think it looks lovely and sexy - it makes you look like a woman, not a boy!"