Helen Flanagan's Snogging Leads To trouble

Helen Flanagan kissingRosie Webster kissIs this the moment that sends John Snape over the top as he sees Rosie Webster kissing outside of a nighclub? Is the green eyed monster aroused?

What happens next is soemwhat secret. It's been said that Helen Flanagan's character Rosie is kidnapped, whereas other reports say simply that Graeme Hawley's John pushes her into his taxi and delivers her home.

The Sun newspaper, for example, reports it this way: "Snape grabs Rosie and pushes her into his cab before whisking her back home - but she is upset by his behaviour, especially as she was simply getting close to her new beau Saj"

Like a lot of things, the truth is out there and, being a soap, it'll all come out in the wash.
John Snape bundles Rosie Webster into his taxi
Rosie Webster and John Snape
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