Helping Out Planned Pethood

Just a quick plug for a worthy cause, Planned Pethood. The group - which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded over 30 years ago - has a goal of reducing the overpopulation and suffering of dogs and cats through educational programs as well as low-cost spay/neuter programs. Planned Pethood also rescues, vets, and places adoptable dogs and cats into good permanent homes.

Planned Pethood is always looking for fosters who are willing to take rescued dogs and cats into their homes until they can be adopted. If you cannot foster, the group is always looking for volunteers to help with projects, donations of money or pet supplies in any amount, or those who wish to become members. The group also recently started its own animal rescue blog with articles by group volunteers.

My wife and I have been fosters for three years now, and we have also adopted four dogs from Planned Pethood. As someone with experience in working with non-profits, I can tell you that the group really has its act together, and there are many dozens of motivated fosters and volunteers who pitch in and save thousands of dogs and cats each year.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this, and also thanks for any help you can give to Planned Pethood.

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