Department of Epidemiological Irony - Swine Flu School Planning Workshop

I received an intriguing email this morning in one of my university email accounts. The subject of the email was an announcement of a Swine Flu School Planning Workshop in Chicago for people associated with higher education. Here is the beginning of the email:

You are invited to participate in the Swine Flu School Planning Workshop, November 19-20, 2009 in Chicago, IL.

Please join more than 500 high school and university administrators, teachers, police chiefs, first responders, safety professionals, and community leaders who have already reserved a seat at this unprecedented 2-day national event.
So let me make sure I understand this: there will be a meeting of hundreds of people from all over the country. They will likely use commercial aviation in their efforts to travel to Chicago, and they will share hotel and restaurant facilities with each other.

People from all over the country. Flying. Meeting. Shaking hands. At the beginning of flu season in the Northern Hemisphere.


Nah. This is too obvious to merit further epidemiological commentary on my part, but I am sure I will enjoy the suggestions you offer for a punchline to this dubious seminar.