Elusive Picture of a White Squirrel

Picture of a White Squirrel Robert Shaw had his Great White Shark, Buck Owens had his Great White Horse, Ted Nugent had his Great White Buffalo, but I have finally captured (at least in digitized form) Toledo's Great White Squirrel. I am not sure if this is a true albino, if it simply a color variant, or if it is a Sign From Above, but my three-month wait to get a picture of said critter has ended in a fruitful manner.

Of course, white squirrels are not necessarily rare, but I have had a difficult time getting the white squirrel in our neighborhood to cooperate for a photo session. This evening, though, that fickle vixen Fortuna smiled upon me, and I had the necessary requirements at the same time: a) a white squirrel; and b) camera in hand.

Unfortunately, our white squirrel likes to hide until dusk, and so the image is less than ideal. Nonetheless, I have my elusive picture of a white squirrel, and now I will hype this minor photographic miracle to its fullest, sending hundreds of daily visitors my way and reaping the riches of traffic-based ad revenue.