New Profile Picture

I have used the same profile picture for well nigh five years now, and I thought it was time to update my website. Hence I present an image that my wife took today while we were out looking at furniture.

I may end up using the image for some of my academic profiles, though I definitely am in need of a shave. Perhaps the three-day beard look so prized by Hollywood actors has something to offer after all.

I passed up on the toothy, ear-to-ear grin shot my wife took while trying to get me to smile by cracking corny jokes about ping pong tables
and Pomeranians. It was endearing, in its own goofy way, but how will I ever be mistaken for a Serious and Renowned Internet Writer if I have such a friendly mug for the world to see? This image is a compromise between my Eastwood-like sneer of years past and the grinning images my wife prefers.