Wii Slackery

We purchased a Nintendo Wii unit for Christmas last year, and one of the reasons my wife was so gung-ho about the game system is that owners can use Wii to exercise. We have burned more than a few calories playing virtual tennis, bowling, baseball, and golf, although I would be overstating the powers of Wii to suggest that this is better than traditional exercise.

Anyways, I found it interesting to watch my oldest son engaging in what I have decided to call "Wii Slackery." He played many of the same games, but chose to "exercise" in thse games while still ensconced in a living room chair. Admittedly, in the image on your left he is playing a game that does not require physical activity, but I chuckled when I saw him bowling while lounging in the chair.

And don't get me started about the time I saw my daughter engaged in Wii arobics while laying on the couch.