Dog Found: Secor-Laskey Area

We found a small dog in the Secor-Laskey area yesterday, and the pooch appears to be a mixed breed such as a Westiepoo. The mystery around this dog is that it came with a heart-shaped ID tag with the name "Peppers," and the dog appears to have been well cared for. However, neither the phone number nor the address on the tag pan out (5422 Harschel), as the property is currently vacant.

Peppers is younger, perhaps five years old, and she is a friendly little dog with a touch of Westie feistiness. Peppers is housebroken and gets along fairly well with the other dogs, though she is not hesitant to growl and put them in their place.

She has been romping around my backyard with our other dogs today, and here is a shot of Peppers bounding toward the fence to investigate a suspicious-looking squirrel:

As you can see, Peppers has a docked tail, and her grayish coloring has a few streaks of brown and white. Her bark is fairly high-pitched, almost squeaky rather than yippy, and Peppers has a lot of energy.

You can contact me at if you have information about Pepper's owners, as I would prefer to help her be reunited with this nice little dog. If we do not find her owner in a few days, we will probably work with Planned Pethood to get Peppers adopted to a new home.