On the Aesthetics of Spring Colors

There is an almost infectious quality to the waves of bright colors that appear in springtime, and even the gloomiest of moods can be improved with a few minutes in the vicinity of April's flowering trees. My next door neighbor's trees are the principal subjects in the accompanying photograph, and I chose them simply because my own trees were dulled by evening shadows.

Well, he also has a more interesting contrast of color schemes, too, but I digress.

As I looked down the block I saw more outdoor colors than I can recall from the past, though admittedly my short term memory is not what it once was. Greens meet fuchsias and magentas and scarlets and corals and every other possible combination of hues under the still-warm later afternoon sun.

Add to this the bright blue skies and lazy white clouds, and the result is an explosion of color that borders on the surreal, like baby announcements painted by Vincent Van Gogh.