Interesting Retail Clothing Innovation

For as long as I can remember, new dress shirts always came with 6-10 straight pins inserted to help the clothing article stay together during shipment. On more than one occasion in my life I have started to put on a new shirt only to be stabbed by a straight pin that lurked in a place I had not considered to look.

I traveled to a local department store to purchase a new dress shirt for a job interview I have this week, and when I returned home I was pleased to discover that the usual straight pins had been replaced by metallic objects that somewhat resemble thick paper clips (see image). The ends of the half-clips have a rounded ball, meaning that I would have to work very diligently to stab myself with one of these devices.

Of course, if I do not land the aforementioned academic position, I can always blame the break in tradition represented by the manufacturer's replacement of the time-honored straight pins with these mbɛn-shaped clips.