Quick Blog Note

I am having problems with an annoying and persistent link spammer from Korea, so to discourage said piece of human filth I am going to restrict comments for a short period of time. I just deleted over 40 spam comments derived from Korea Telecom IP address, and the idiot was very busy last night as well.

The spammer is linking tons of sites selling cheap fashion knockoffs, porn, and computer software. Crawl away and die, please: you are wasting your time, because no matter how many spam links you bomb this site with, I will delete them all. The only commercial promotion I permit on this site is that which I choose, like the excellent deals on used golf balls you can find on the Internet.


Even stranger with this spammer: I use the word verification feature on Blogger, and the twit had the persistence to manually type all those word verifications to spam-bomb me. That is a lot of effort for trying to siphon a bit of PageRank link value from a middle-of-the-pack blog like mine.