Mer-Man: The Ultimate Gift for ... Someone, Though I'm Not Sure Who

While traveling in Montreal a few weeks ago, I came across an oddity in a tourist-oriented gift shop. Pictured on your left is a Mer-Man, complete with bow-tie and martini glass.

To describe this unusual item as "kitschy" is an understatement, and I have difficulty imagining the sort of home or office where a half-naked Mer-Man would add to the building's ambiance and aesthetics. Yet there must be some sort of market for 2-foot-tall plastic Mer-Men, as the shop owner had quite a few in their Mer-boxes in addition to the display Mer-Men.

However, I suspect that potential Mer-owners do not share my sense of artistic excellence, or my definition of "beauty," and they probably do not much care what I think about plastic Mer-Men.