Refilled HP Ink Cartridges

Left: fresh out-of-the-box refilled HP ink cartridge

As much as I try to print all my university-related documents when I am at a university printer, inevitably I end up using my own printer ink to print out papers that students email me. Thus, I am cost conscious and desirous of reducing the amount of money I spend on printing, and my wife suggested today that I check out OfficeMax for refilled printer cartridges.

Now, we have filled our own cartridges at home in the past with mixed success, but this is a rather messy process and not all printer cartridges lend themselves well to home-based refilling. I was pleasantly surprised to find that OfficeMaz offers the refilled HP 74 black ink cartridge I needed at less than half the cost of a new HP cartridge.

HP provides a ton of statistics as to why a new HP cartridge is cheaper than a refilled cartridge, but of course they are in the business of selling replacement cartridges. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on refilled ink cartridges, so feel free to leave them in the Comments section.

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