Error Message 403.6

I have long been a visitor to the weather website, but lately the site has been a source of aggravation to me. Over the past few months the site is riddled with popup ads, and now I am experiencing difficulty even accessing Intellicast.

In the middle of the week I started getting 403.6 error messages that read as follows:

HTTP 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address rejected

Each client has a unique IP address. If the server defines a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the site and the IP address you are using is on this list, you will receive the error message.

This is a feature that grants or denies specific users access to a Web site, directory, or file.
Evidently the problem is on the server end, and initially I only experienced the error message at my BGSU office. However, in the last few days the problems seems to emerge on other computers with different IP addresses, and I am growing tired of wasting my time trying to reload the pages to use the site.

Thus, I am searching for a quality weather site to replace Intellicast, much like I would recommend the auto insurance site Feel free to make recommendations in the Comments section about the weather sites you use and why you rely on these sites.