On Daisies and Summertime

Nothing says "summer" to me like the appearance of daisies in my yard, and even the efforts of my dogs to trample and uproot the daisies we have planted never seem to kill them off. We had only one group of daisies reappear this year, so we picked up a few more planters of these bright flowers and planted them today.

I remember as a child picking wild daisies in a variety of locations and presenting them to my mom and grandmother in an effort to either curry favor or mitigate some egregious sin I committed. OK, I might have picked the flowers because I was just being a sweet child that day, but chances are I was up to some sort of shenanigans.

The very colors of the common daisy - its brilliant white and radiant yellow hues - mirror the brightest summer days, and I think a person would have to be comatose not to experience at least a smidgen of good humor from gazing at daisies. Moreover, these flowers stick around for quite a few weeks, making them a bargain in terms of dollars per day of blooming season, and they multiply over time to create walls of color for the patient gardener.

If only my dogs shared my zeal for the daisies.