On Human Hopes and Inevitable Storms

Pictured on your left is the intersection of Talmadge and Sylvania in West Toledo, and the image was taken about 6:00 pm this evening. My wife and I were on our way to Jazz in the Garden, a summertime favorite of ours each year.

I had been watching the weather radar most of the afternoon to see if it looked like we could still make the event, and the news just kept getting more grim. Yet my wife in her infinite optimism continued packing the picnic meal, and she insisted that the storm would "blow over" even with the ominous clouds building as we headed out.

I just asked if she was packing umbrellas, because I had little doubt that we would be getting soaked.

Yet it was hard to stay irritated at her, even though I knew we were sure to be facing a washout. Even the sight of lightning and the rumble of thunder did not deter her faith that the storm would pass, and though I was correct that we would receive a heavy downpour that would cancel our plans (the concert went on as scheduled in a conference building, but we went back home to eat) I still observed the power of faith and positive thinking in action.

But did I mention I was right? That makes about eight times this year, a new record for me.