Amish at the Lake Shore

(Mackinac Island) I found intriguing the number of Amish tourists I saw during my visit to Mackinac Island today. On your left is a young Amish couple with a baby (you can see the stroller next to the man) who I encountered as I meandered along the shore of Lake Huron this afternoon.

The couple was part of a large group from Middlebury, Indiana. These folks did not seem to adhere to some of the most strict rules of some of the Old Order Amish groups: they traveled by bus, wore name brand footwear, and I even saw an Amish man sporting a Nike cap.

There were no signs of cell phones or PDAs among this group, though, so I think that the stereotypes about the resistance to technology still carry some validity. I would suggest that any Amish readers of this post feel free to weigh in on the discussion, but that presupposes an acceptance of the Internet as a permissible technology.