Easter Lilies in Late August

Way back in April I purchased a pair of Easter lilies at a local Rite Aid store. The plants were on clearance after the holiday, and I took pity on its withering, browning leaves.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the plants had produced new stalks, and even more surprising was that a whole new series of flower heads appeared in late August. Today the Easter lilies opened, and an otherwise dreary section of the yard is now awash white brilliant white flowers.

I am not sure if the plants have been tricked into thinking it is spring, or if my gardening prowess somehow translated into super-lilies. I suspect that the former is the correct answer, and that the post-Easter planting combined with an early spring has disrupted the plant's seasonal cycles.

Yeah, I know I have been posting a lot of gardening-related material lately, but heck: political happenings are ephemeral, and history will always be there to discuss. Perennial plants that bloom out of season, though, are magical and noteworthy.