On the Restorative Powers of Green

I was out working in the yard for a few hours, time I should have been spending on lecture prep, when I paused to wipe my brow. I was taken aback by the brilliant green colors that surrounded me, and I went inside to fetch the camera to try to recapture the moment.

The image on the left gets some, but not all, of the powerful hues of green that caught my eyes. My lawn is a work in progress, and truth be told there are plenty of weeds and non-fescue grasses in the mix, but I generally keep the lawn watered throughout the summer. With the recent rains my lawn is a collection of brilliant green hues, and I stood for a moment in awe of the strength of the green that seemed to blanket my yard.

There are certainly other angles of my yard that lack eye appeal, but for this one moment the yard seemed more than just a collection of plants and lawn: it seemed to be animated and burgeoning with life.