Don’t tell Anyone You Are Married To Me- Actor Warns Wife

This gist is according to YES International magazine. But I thought they were in the news few months ago and the guy said he was about to divorce her. Well YES Magazine is saying they are still together but has warned her not to tell outsiders he is married to her. Except if it’s not the same actor you and I are thinking about (and YOU means the people who have their ears on ground, lol, no dulling). The description is the same, so I think we are all talking about the same person. Read the story first to understand what I am talking about. And in case you decode who he is, just code his name, lol. Here goes...

This, no doubt, sounds crazy. But guess what? It’s nothing but the truth, like they say in the law court. One of the dashing and dazzling actors who is making serious waves in Nollywood at the moment, YES International! gathered, is not proud of his wife. And because of that, he has warned the woman who has given him about two children never to tell anyone that he is her husband.

The reason for his weird action is because he feels the woman does not befit him. The star actor, very handsome and currently rolling in money and picking awards here and abroad, married the woman, who is older than him, when he had nothing and was struggling to be somebody in life. But now that the Almighty God has blessed him, he is no longer proud of her, even though both of them still live under one roof. We gathered that in spite of being regularly invited to some of the biggest events in the country, not even for once has he attended any with the woman, an action she is no longer finding funny.

The situation became so bad recently that the woman had to cry out to one of her friends who shared the ‘info’ with us. The woman, by the way, besides being older than the actor, is also not particularly good looking. She was occupying a lucrative position and rolling in serious money when the actor who was then jobless decided to pitch his tent with her. But now he’s trying to ‘unpitch’ it – even though their union was consummated in one of the popular Pentecostal churches with headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos.

The actor is dark skinned, dresses well and of average height. The 2nd alphabet begins his first name. He has anchored a couple of prominent programmes and has always operated ‘codedly’. Yet to be encircled by a scandal, this raging issue may ultimately dent his Mr. Clean image. Except he does something fast and also finds a way to pacify his hurting wife and mother of his children.