If You‘re A Special Adviser To Goodluck Jonathan On Boko Haram Matters, What Will Your First Assignment Be?

This was sent in by a reader.

I have been thinking deeply since the last obnoxious occurrence carried out by Boko Haram in Abuja and other havoc caused by Boko Haram. My question is very simple and let's imagine you are appointed today as Special adviser to Goodluck Jonathan on Boko Haram issues or Goodluck Jonathan is your husband, uncle, father or someone so close to you and you want to assist him in combatting Boko Haram, what who would your first 3 advices be as the new special adviser on Boko Haram matters? Let's face the fact and come out with one voice to put a stop to this menace? I will leave you with the popular quote that goes thus..." Do not think of what Nigeria will do for you, think of what you van for Nigeria? Please your response will be highly appreciated.