Nigeria Is In War And Only Competence Can Solve The Problem, Not Prayers- Wole Soyinka

Against the Minister of Power’s speech over the weekend that Nigeria was facing a spiritual war and urging those who could pray like him, to pray hard. After Nyanya’s bomb blast yesterday, Professor Wole Soyinka while speaking at an event in Osogbo have said, what Nigeria needs are competent leaders and not prayers. He said for example, the nation could get help from similar countries that have survived their security challenges and learn from them.

Also speaking against a paper that quoted him to have said, prayers can solve the nation’s problems, Soyinka said; 

”I have never said prayers can help resolve the security challenges facing Nigeria. I believe the situation must be tackled without partisanship and all these uninformed comments cannot help the situation. We should wake up to the reality. Nigeria is in war and only competence can solve the problem, not prayers.”