Photos: Iranian Killer Forgiven By Victim’s Parents As He Was About To Be Executed Today

An Iranian in his 20’s who was about to be executed today, was forgiven at the last minute by his victim’s parents. Balal in a street brawl seven years ago stabbed their 18-year old son to death and has since been convicted. He was led to the gallows in front of a crowd in the small town of Royan and the victim’s mother was asked to come forward to assist in the execution, but instead of carrying out what they asked her to, she moved forward and slapped him on the cheek instead and said she had forgiven him.

Balal’s mother who was also there ran to the victim’s mom, hugged her and they both shed tears. The victim’s father later revealed that, their son appeared to his mother in a dream three days ago and said he was in a better place, and that was the major reason we forgave Balal, he said. See more photos after the cut.