President Jonathan Replies Kwankwaso, You Know You Stole Our Money

Oh dear this is getting interesting. After Kano State governor, Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso called the president out in the pages of Newspapers that he regretted voting for him in 2011 and the president has done barely anything in the country. He also said he wasn’t really welcomed in Kano state, although the president still visited.

While welcoming a former governor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau to PDP, the president used the medium to address the issue that he read what Kwankwaso said in the papers and people should note that he Kwankwaso is a ‘devil’ Thisday Newspaper reports. Continue after the cut.

Buttressing his point, Kwankwaso never voted for me and the vice president, Sambo. As a matter of fact, he walked out of eagle square when it became obvious I will be getting the presidential ticket of PDP, the president said.

He also accused the governor of embezzling money meant for the state delegates to the national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2011 presidential election, saying he gave nobody one kobo.

“The little money that my campaign office provided, Kwakwanso refused to give it to the delegates.

“Even for the main election, the little money my campaign office sent to his state to facilitate the movement of people, Kwankwaso refused to give the money to anybody.

“How can Kwankwaso tell people that he voted for me?” Jonathan queried.

“I read in the newspaper that the governor of Kano State said he regretted voting for me. Let me tell my good people of Kano that Kwankwaso did not vote for me and the vice-president.

“We accommodate a lot because we know so much but we talk less,” the president concluded.