Teen Caught On Camera Abusing Baby Repeatedly

Have you seen this video? Well I’m just seeing it for the first time and I wonder what this helpless baby could have done to deserve such a treatment. It just shows some people are born wicked. Some things are just unimaginable. An adult was heard trying to caution the teenager to stop hitting the baby, but she never moved close to stop her. It’s barbaric.

Watch it if you have the heart to watch. If you are a mother please don’t watch this, and if you do, you will never leave your child even with the people you trust.

Update: The teen in the video is an 18-year old Malaysian girl and the mother of the baby she assaulted. Dailymail reports that she has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after her worried friend filmed the way she abused her 10-month old daughter and showed the police as evidence.