Terry G, Crew Exchange Blows With Hotel Manager

Terry G yesterday was once again involved in a street brawl yesterday, 23rd of April, 2014 at Treasures Exclusive Garden, in Iju, not far from his house when he exchanged blows with the manager of the relaxation place. 

It was gathered that, Terry G and his boys arrived the place around 6pm yesterday and one of his boys on getting there, quickly undressed and jumped into the hotel pool without paying or taking permission from those in charge. 

He was ordered to leave the pool by a security man, but the warning and shouting fell on his deaf ears. The hotel manager and the owner of the place joined the security man and asked him to leave, but he still refused. He was forced to leave the pool, which eyewitnesses said made the rest of the singer’s crew upset and the environment turned violent.

Terry G who wasn’t happy about what was going on started raining abuses on the hotel owner. The hotel manager, who moved towards him to calm him down, also received his own share of terry’s anger, when the singer rained heavy blows on him. He retaliated and the fight soon became a free for all. The matter was later reported at a nearby police station by the hotel owner.