Weird! Woman Found Naked In Lagos Gutter

What won’t we see or hear in this Lagos.  A woman this morning in one of the heavy government gutters which are permanently sealed around Albati Barracks, Ojuelegba screamed for help from deep inside the gutter and people wondered how she got there. A passer-by who heard her scream, tried to help her, but he couldn’t because there was no way he could get into the gutter to help her out. As she screamed the more, people gathered around her, and had to look for a welder to cut one of the barricades to rescue her.   

By the time she got out, they discovered she was naked. They asked her how she got there and she couldn’t give a good explanation but said; ‘My name is Aminat Jimoh. It was God that sent me here. He said I should confess my sins so that I won’t die. Please I need water to drink, help me. I don’t know how I found myself here. Please help me’. Continue after the cut.

She was later taken away in ambulance for medical attention. But trust Nigerians, a whole lot of them said she must have being a witch and was probably flying before she fell into the gutter and turned back into a human being, and couldn’t find her way out.