Be Careful So That Foreign Help Won’t Cause Nigeria’s Division… Labour Leaders Tell Jonathan

                                      Trade Union Congress president, Mr. Bobboi Kaigama
The Chief Economist of the NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo-Esan, and the President of the TUC, Mr. Bobboi Kaigama have warned the Federal Government to be careful while accepting foreign help. They said even though it is very necessary for them to accept foreign help at this point, they also need to be very careful, so that foreigners won’t get an understanding of the nation’s security system to cause a division. Click below to read what they told Punch.

What Dr. Peter Ozo-Esan said; “Nigeria is prided as one of the most active countries in sending soldiers to other countries, in terms of peacekeeping where specific efforts are required.

“And so in a period of challenge, we ought to be open to receiving assistance particularly technological assistance that could help us look for the girls that are missing; we subscribe to whatever efforts need to be done in order to rescue them as fast as possible.

“The only caution that we wish to articulate is that this must be carefully guarded and the terms of partnership and operations of whatever foreign assistance that  comes in must be carefully worked out so that we are not railroaded into bilateral military arrangement that may not be in the interest of the country.

While Mr. Bobboi Kaigama said; it was only logical for the government to screen such offers for help in view of predictions by some countries that Nigeria would disintegrate in 2015.

He said that the coming of the foreign forces would be a welcome development if they had the genuine intention to address the security situation in the country.

However, it would be worrisome if the forces tried to exploit the current situation to get an understanding of the nation’s security system to cause a division, Kaigama said.