Is Don Jazzy Nigeria’s No 1 Entertainer?

Though he is not fully a musician, but Don Jazzy is more popular than so many musicians. He started out as a music producer and today sings as well and has a music group you could term most powerful in Nigeria’s music industry today.

When Mo’hits parted ways, a lot of people thought it was almost over for him, because the man, D’banj who a lot of people thought made him big had left. But till now, Don Jazzy continues to shine, and it almost seems he is the most respected and followed entertainer in the music industry today.

Did you notice that when Don Jazzy started his Dorobucci slang, it started trending on social media with a lot of people attributing their names to it, and sending in their Doro songs? Just yesterday, he started another trend, ‘Mysleepselfie’ and we have almost lost count of how many people that have joined the train.

What is Don jazzy doing that others aren’t?