Omotola Grieves Over Abducted School Girls

Omotola Ekeinde is still not happy that over 200 school girls who were kidnapped in Chibok, Borno State are still missing. She says there’s something they are not telling us about this, and sadly humanity is at war with itself. She posted the short message below with a no makeup photo to protest their abduction.

Good morning friends. Woke up with so much on my mind. Where do I start, there is so much they are not telling you… So much politicking with people’s lives and destinies. What a wicked world. There is no more time for fake “I belong” behaviors. This is war! War on our freedom and sanity. Now’s the time to think selfless and act. We are not fighting aliens, humanity is at war with itself! Power, money, fame… Greed. If you won’t fight for yourself, fight for your loved ones! #stopthebloodshed. #findthegirls. #regainourhumanity #regainourpride”