Video: Kcee Denies His Wife Again

This is getting interesting, and in any way we are used to this by now. Kcee says he is not married, but even Ebube Nwagbo, his ex, admits he is married. The last post I made here about Ebube moving into Kcee’s home, I got a comprehensive mail where ‘they’ explained to me that Kcee was married to Ijeoma and they have two kids together. The sender also pleaded with me that Ebube needs her privacy and needs the world to know she is single so she could get a man to settle down with, because her ex, Kcee was married, and had moved on. Ebube also said in an interview that Kcee was married and she couldn't have been dating him.

But in a new interview with Toolz on the Juice, Kcee denied again that he isn’t married and was never married to Ijeoma Okonwo (nee Oduah). Find what Toolz asked him and his amazing response below… Well it’s good Ijeoma is keeping quiet sha, may be because of her kids… you can't try this with some naija girls now...ha you can't.... Also find their traditional wedding pictures below.

Toolz: Do you know a lady called Ijeoma Okonkwo?

Kcee: Ijeoma is my elder sister. We are 7 in our family, Ijeoma is my elder sister.

Toolz: We heard you are married to this lady?

Kcee: Ijeoma is my elder sister... My immediate elder sister is Angela....

Toolz (shows him a photo): Would your elder sister hold you like that?

Kcee: Yes! That's my elder sister. No.. that's my younger sister, that's not Angela.

When he was shown photos from his 2010 wedding, Kcee said the pictures were from a movie! 

The video. Watch at 5:47