Nigerians Lack Compassion, Yet Have The Most Expensive Houses In UK- Mr Charles Dukwe

Mr Charles Dukwe, the chairman of New Nation, an empowerment oriented group while unveiling the Queen of Compassion and Kill the Killers Initiative, a grass roots campaign against diabetes and high blood pressure in Port-Harcourt on Saturday, has said what is lacking in Nigeria is compassion for one another.

According to him, about 70% of the most expensive houses in London are owned by Nigerians, while British citizens and celebrities that have money complain the houses are too expensive and  do not buy them.

Corruption has eaten deep into the country’s system and has made Nigerians not to have compassion for each other, and it’s a major thing affecting the nation.

The thing that is missing in Nigeria is compassion. We want to use compassion as a value and drive it through people so that people can help each other in the society. Our aim is to make compassion a core value in the society, Dukwe stated.

According to him, diabetes and high blood pressure form over 60 per cent of the cause of deaths among adults in Nigeria, just as malaria forms 70 per cent of the deaths among children in the country.

Dukwe who is ready to fight the two major diseases said Nigerians and Africa as a whole have not paid much attention to the diseases which has killed a lot of people and thus leaving our life expectancy to numbers way below all the advanced nations.