DICKS OF SOCCER: Michael Ballack of Bayer Leverkusen & Germany, Part 2 (Zeig mal dein Schwanz... Bitte!)

Part 1 here

Sometimes having a blog sucks. I am in heaven with 5 sexy straight guys but my friends kept on calling me they wanna see Michael Ballack's cock ASAP. Well, you're finally in luck, after a week of 8-9 inch cocks, my jaws are about to lock.

For the longest time, the sexuality of Michael Ballack has been the subject of speculations. Which he always denied but the rumors never stopped. To make things weirder, his handler later joined the fray & also fed insinuations about other players. Same story anywhere, speculation on the sexuality of players as a favorite pastime played by various sectors- by their detractors who want to undermine their reputations, by bitter gays who rely on soccer closet fantasies as coping mechanism to their lot, etc. I believe Michael is straight. What's the fuss? For one, a tough sport like Soccer has long ago filtered out the sissy players so what's left, if ever there are gays, are normal-lookers who naturally have a far different set of options from the congenitally outed gays (those born with physical manifestations of their sexual orientation, in speech or actions) who are usually the ones most hysterically making their outing an issue. A normal-looking player's sexuality is just an aspect of his life which he can leave in his bedroom. While the congenitally outed ones are virtual prisoners of their sexuality en toto, they wear their sexual orientation in neon lights everywhere. Now, why should he throw away his freedom & wear the straitjacket of stigma when he was born with more options in his life? Why should he want to play the Christ Redeemer of those who merely share his attraction to men & sacrifice himself in the altar of a delusion that him accepting to be a martyr will "normalize" the others? Why should he even let himself identify with a brand name more famous for old men in high heels who can't recognize a soccer ball when they see one or limp-wristed sissies who can't kick one? Yes, he loves to have sex with men but he belongs to a different army altogether & has a different battle to fight, not with these creatures with him in the foxhole. A suicide mission is the last thing in his mind.
Funny, but a Soccer player is there to play Soccer, not to have sex on the Soccer field. Playing martyr for some delusion isnt part of his contract. He has no right to gamble the team's esprit de corps for anybody's wishful thinking. He's there to win.
Needless to say, I find normal-looking players who out themselves fully while they are part of a team as weak, even fools. Role models? Normal-looking gay boys who fear going into sports because of their sexuality lack the mental toughnes required to eventually win in the long run. Might as well turn to Ballet while early. Overcoming obstacles is part of the process of Sports, & the last thing you need is a bunch of limp-wrists egging you to identify with them in the sidelines. No need to lower standards or the game will suffer. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with Sports. The Soccer field is nobody's bedroom.
Michael is the captain of the German National Team for the World Cup in South Africa but when he was injured, Philip Lahm took over. The latter, however, indicated he wanted to remain as the Captain even when Michael healed (Some gossip had it this episode prompted some in Ballack's camp to release sexuality insinuations against some players in the National Team). A recent poll showed the German public preferred Lahm. Let's see how the undramatic Germans will resolve this little drama. Michael just transferred from Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League to return playing in his homeland.